Marie Bogroff

Marie Bogroff

Founder, Owner and Operator

My Kombucha journey has been a wonderful adventure so far.  Kombucha has been a staple in my family for many years.  My husband, kids and I drink multiple bottles per day.  A few years ago on a vacation to Traverse City, Michigan, we were excited by a rumor of a Kombucha “bar” there.  The rumor turned out to be exactly that, a rumor, but we realized that a Kombucha bar could be a great idea in the right place.  With this spark of an idea, I started experimenting with Kombucha making, testing out different scobies, fermentation processes, teas, flavoring and batch sizes.

Eventually I found ideal combinations that tasted better than anything we could find in grocery or health food stores.  At first, family and close friends received the output of my hobby Kombucha making.   The word began to spread as I would teach people how to make it for themselves and give them starter kits.

Eventually the amount of Kombucha that I was making and giving away took over much of my home, and the time was right to create The Kombucha Bar LLC.

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